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Hattie Ragan
Born in Oklahoma
94 years
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The memory of the just is blessedProverbs 10:7

    This memorial website was created to remember my precious Mother, Hattie May Ragan who was born in  Pauls Valley, OK on March 17, 1913 and passed away on April 15, 2007 in her home .  She wasn't sick, we had no idea that our lives were about to change forever.  She was sitting on her bed about 4 pm and evidently just went to the floor.  Her nine year old great granddaughter was sitting about 10 feet away from her watching t.v.  She ran for help, but Mother never regained consciousness.   Mother, you will live forever in all of our memories and hearts, we will never forget your kindness and love for all of your family.  You always put others first, your needs were not that important to you.  I try to think now what you would say to me about my grieving and I know what it would be.  You would tell me to take care of the grandkids, not to worry about you.


      Visitors please look at the "Life Story" pages and the "video"  section. I have downloaded the video of Mother that was played at her Celebration of Life. Feel free to add anything you remember about Mother in the "memory" section.  And Please! Light a candle for her!


Latest Memories
Luann Elmore Christmas, 2014 December 28, 2014
Hi Mother, Well another Christmas without you, holidays will never be the same. You always so enjoyed all the family being here and watching everyone open gifts. 

 Joe and Ragan talk about you as if they knew you, you will always be part of their lives.  And even tho you are not here, you are still alive in our hearts.
 I love you so much
Luann April 15. 2012 April 16, 2012
Mother, it has been 5 years today since God took you from us to a better place.  We were not ready for you to go, I miss you so much.  Still forget sometimes and think I'll call and tell you something that Joe and Ragan said or did, then I remember and my heart just hurts.  You were just so much a part of my life! Ragan talks about you a lot, she just talks like she knows you. She is like you in so many ways.  I love and miss you every day.

Mother, Yesterday was 4 years without you, I just had trouble getting on here yesterday.  I miss you so much, even tho I know that God is caring for you.  I think of you so many times each day, and I want so badly to share all the cute things that the grandkids do and say, and so many questions that I wish I could ask you.  I dug out your recipe for Divinity candy last week, and tho no one could make it like you, I am searching for someone who can maybe get close.  Delois has been able to duplicate your mincemeat cookies.  I still forget sometimes for a moment and panic that I haven't called to check on you.  You were the core of our family, no one can ever match the things you did for our family.  I love and miss you so much.  Luann


 March 2011


Well your birthday came and went and I thought of you all day of course.  I just see so many cards that would be just perfect for you, even tho there are really no words ever to express how much I loved you and how much you meant to me and our family.  The girls are almost teenagers, driving us all crazy.  We made your room into a little den, but Jalie has pretty much claimed it as hers.  Sometimes when I get up in the morning, I just have to look into your room, hoping maybe it was just all a bad dream, and you will still be there.  I have gone through a lot of the journals you left and I am so thankful for those.  Well, I guess birthdays don't count anymore after we leave this world, but know that you were certainly thought of on yours.  I love you Mother!

Mother, Christmas is about here and it is so hard not to get your Santa box ready. you always enjoyed the holidays so much because the family was all here. I still don't know how you cooked those big dinners, on time, and everything was still hot. I'll never be able to match you. You and Daddy will never be forgotten on holidays, I will always think of you and wish you were still here. I love looking at the pictures of past Christmases and how much you enjoyed just watching the rest of the family have fun. I love you Mother, so much!
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Hattie as a girl (black hat) Great Granddaughter, Jalie Mother's 93rd Birthday 90th Birthday, 2003 "Nana" with Jennifer in 1977 Luann, Mother, Delois Granddaughter Stephanie and family George and Emily Sims, Hattie's parents Hattie's Brother, Kenneth and wife Opal Simpson Farmer, Hattie's granddad Daughter Delois & husband, Denny Grandson, Mark & family Just look at the love in her eyes Hattie's  brother Jack and wife, Laura Granddaughter Angela